Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh my gosh

So... as you know my goal has been unsuccessful.. i dont really care though:). i dont have internet at my house anymore so it takes a lot more effort to get on the internet. But i just wanted to let you know that im here! gosh so so so much has happed. every week... every single week has been dramatically different. seriously. SOmething major has happened in my life or around my life since i have been here. Through people i know here, God has done tons. I will go into more detail later about everything.. well almost everything. somethings dont need to be posted but i can give a general idea of what it looks like. Just know that its happening. this thing we call life can go by so fast without us paying attention to it. but when you really let it happen, Love looks so different. Live Love.... thats its. dont expect from others, just love them for where they are. man i wish this would all make sense for you but it means a lot to me.
talk to you soon?

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Ive been cleaning this house for about a week now. Lots has been accomplished and its starting to feel like home. we just got a new couch and i got a dresser for my room. now all my close can be put away(instead of laying on the floor). The best thing about this week has been a chance to cleanse. There is something redemptive about the power to cleanse. Wiping away the old, and making it a clean...a new face...restored. We basically gave it a new face, or a clean slate.
the thing ive been dealing with is that it is clean. there is nothing written on it. Its hard to establish a home with nothing. God's shown me today that i need to claim this house as his and let his will be done. a lot of things are going to happen through this house. cleansing was part of the process and now its time to claim it. I want to challenge you all to claim it. claim his truth in your life in areas that need it. If he's spoken clear to you then just listen, it makes it easier. I trust in what he is doing here, and i'm excited to see what else is going to happen.

one big thing is friends. So far i feel i am being pulled in two different groups. The church, and my neighbor. Both are completely different. basically the tax collectors and the disciples. I feel so strong about what im doing here and im excited to see these relationships form. I dont think i could just choose one and not have the other. this makes life complete. Real people are very refreshing, i hope that you are able to experience that.

ah ya.. i have an interview tomorrow at2:30.... things are looking good. its at a deli right down the street. this is a huge praise.

with love


Thursday, May 31, 2007

So much to do

Well, i did it. I'm here in columbus. Im living in an amazing dublex...kinda. my next door neighbor is cool, and i have a back yard that im going to get "paid" to do. There is a lot around this house that needs to get done. Everytime i sit down, i have to ask myself...what else, what didn't i get done or what else can i do...its a very draining process. Realizing that its not complete. there's no where to go thats Done... I hope that those who are reading this will take some advice. Learn where your "area" is... the area that you feel safe, in control, unubstructed. Learn that area and use it. Let God speak to you there, think about what your life is, let your mind get lost. I havn't found that place yet. im looking though. my house is getting there. past the clutter. God is restoring. I believe in that. and i know that he knows my limits so im ganna keep going and loving the best way i know how.

i hope you are doing good and i'd love to hear from ya. i familiar face or voice is always comforting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So, people have been asking me what the next step is. where do i go next? That's a good question. sometimes I'll follow up with a Witty remark, or kind of blow of the situation because it takes a lot to try and describe what my next step really is.
so my only problem with trying to figure out what my next step is that its a lot by faith. not a lot of people understand that. This next step for me has taken me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and pushed me to trust in my dreams. Trust that God has my best at hand.
earlier this year if you asked me what my plans where, i could give you three to four different answers. Some from being a firefighter, to grad school, to Utah, to basically doing anything i wanted to do. I think i can still, but somewhere a long that road, I had a chance to talk to my friend Matt about ministry and other places that we could go. We had talked about this school that his uncle works at and how he is tring to develop growth. My heart grew real interested, and i knew that someday Matt and i would end up there together. This really has never happened to me before, but have you ever had that feeling with someone that you knew this wasn't enough. That this person is going to be in my life again. somehow, someday we are going to meet up again, just for the sake of living with each other. I have had this feeling with only a couple of people, so its always fun to guess how it could happen. I had this feeling with Matt and i wanted to see where it was going to go. As we kept talking about this school i decided to check into it.
Ohio Christian University-some know it as Circleville bible college. I sent in my resume and just started thinking about the area it was in, thinking about what i wanted next after i graduated. I have had a lot of interactions with them but ill save that for later. As of now, we are still in the process of talking. this then lead me to check out the area of Columbus and what might be around. The idea of living in Columbus was interesting to me. It was still close to home (better than west coast), and a really cool city. YOu can find anything in a City. So i started to ask around and see if any of my friends would want to go with? why not move with friends, move to create community instead of moving for a job. Some people don't always agree with this idea. I have come to find out that the normal trend in moving isn't for a place, but usually for a job. The best way that i have had it lectured to me is that you need a source of income before you Fees. So basically this idea was obscure. But i believe in it! GOd is so much bigger than that. He's given me the abilities and ideas and passion to be able to do it. God has definitely played a critical role in this whole process, and i know he is going to continue to push me down this path.
so all in all, Columbus is going to happen.

Monday, May 14, 2007

what did i get myself into

Well, i thought it was time. I'm spreading my wings, and taking the next step. i decided to try this blog thing out. This wasn't an easy decision by any means but i think it will be beneficial. Why, you ask? well let me tell you. I'm getting ready to move on in life. bigger and better right.... well we see but this is a good way to let you (whom ever may be reading this, from my parents to crazy friends half way around the world) know what in the world is going on in my life. cuz who really knows whats ganna happen in the next year. This is also and easy way for me to stay in touch with friends who i wont be able to see as much...like the Don and Ty for they are traveling way to much. reason number 8: it will be good for me to type out my thoughts... cuz i know i wont hold back. so sorry if i offend anyone but this is what i need, a place to let it all out. then i can come back and read it and laugh or reminisce. Finally...the real reason i think it will be good for me to blog is that I'm really bad and consistency. one of my goals this next year is to establish consistent behaviors. so my goal is to write at least once a week.

there ya have it. that's why... and from here on it only gets scarier.
love ya for reading it